A little background

I have some time to really discuss some things regarding SpikerMan, so I will go into that now.

SpikerMan was something that I created a long time ago when I was about 7 years old, in the mid 1990's, which is a long time ago for a project, but the actual development was around 3 years from start to finish regarding this game. Since the 90's it has evolved into what it is now, and was not at all as in depth as it is now. I didn't really give much thought about actual character, or motivation, or world building and other things.

I was influenced by several things like Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, MegaMan, and many other worlds that I really enjoyed and it helped me become a better story teller.   I think the most important thing, for better or worse, was that this game is a good introduction to the world and it's characters. I think on the downside of things was that I learned how good I am at not executing things the way they should be. I really wanted to make a game with SpikerMan, and I thought this was the best way to do it since there was so much story to tell, and I'm happy with the end result for the most part. I learned that I'm not that great at making games because there were about 4 prototype games before this one that for various different reasons did not make it past certain stages of development...mostly because I'm not a "real" game developer. I've considered myself a story teller more than anything, and I have a background in animation, so when I found the LMBS combat system and that not many games use it, I decided that after some tests and I liked the system enough to go ahead with a full game.

I hope that I've given some insight to the project, and if you have questions for me, let me know.


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