Translations coming soon...hopefully

Hi everyone, I've been working on some small updates which are mostly bug fixes that are minor, but I recently joined to try to give the game some more coverage, and I realized very quickly that I needed to focus on more languages for the game. I suppose I knew that already, but most of the interest I got was from a variety of many people from across the world (And I'm very excited that there was so much interest, and thank you so much for that.)

So because of that, I've made translating the game into many different languages a priority. I'm not sure how many I'll do yet, but if you are interested in the game and want a translation, please let me know. I want the game to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and so if you tell me what language you'd like, the faster I'll work on it. 

Also, I'm translating the game with a tool, but I know that it won't be perfect, so if you have a suggestion for the best translation let me know.

Thank you very much!


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