Some FAQ's

I've gotten a few questions and I hope these help answer some of them.

—How do I save the game?

You can touch the blue orbs, or you can open the menu and choose “Save” to save your game at any time. The game does not auto-save.

--- Why does "Optimize" not work in the Equip menu?

Optimize works for all equipment except the Accessory slots. It's set that way because there was previous frustrations with it removing certain items that have different effects. You may want certain accessories to remain unaffected and not change when you use that, so I let it stay that way.

—Can I skip cutscenes?

Yes, but not all cutscenes can be skipped. Press and hold the Cancel button. “X” button on Keyboard, or for controller hold down the “B/ Right button”

—How do I switch to Fullscreen mode?

It’s on the main menu, it’s the 5th choice. It is not in the options menu due to the game crashing. I don’t know why, I spent 3 years trying to fix it and I couldn’t. 

—How do I progress the main story?

There is a “M” icon on the compass that always progresses the main story.

—I want to play as the Dog or Cat character.

On the main menu, go to the “Chapter Select” option and choose “Chapter 8” and they will be available in your party.

—I want to see some of the best parts of the game. What do you suggest?

If you want to see some of the more interesting things the game has to offer, there’s a few things you can see.

***The funniest Side Quest is in Chapter 2, in Dragg’s Kitchen/ The building with the Burger.

***In Chapter 8 there’s many things you can do from that point that involves the characters such as Character Events, and you can explore the other galaxy that is huge and has many areas to explore.

*** In Kunac’s Battle Simulator, you can put in the cheat code “35693781” To 100% Complete the game.

This gives you all the costumes, all playable characters, everything is cleared, and it unlocks the powerful Gold Armor, and Kunac’s Battle Simulator “Special” Challenges.

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