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SpikerMan is an RPG with a large explorable world, colorful characters, and uses the LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System), a combat system that takes place in real time.

Use a variety of attacks that can be equipped at once by using a combination of one button and holding down the movement buttons. 

Level up to learn new attacks for you and your teammates. You will even learn to use Super Powerful Moves as you continue to grow stronger.

SpikerMan is an eager teenager who wants to become a great and unstoppable warrior. Along his journey he will fight against  a great number of foes, evil space emperors, crime lords, pirates, overlords, and even space gods.

Gather your teammates, journey to other planets, complete side quests, gain power, and save the universe!


  • Several planets to find in the galaxy
  • Explore planets and fight enemies to grow and learn new abilities
  • Powerful Bosses to find and defeat
  • Variety of Mini-Games
  • Hilarious Character Events and Side Quests
  • 12+ hours of Storyline!

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*Please note this game is in English only.* (We're working on translations!)

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